Wallflower Siberian Cheiranthus Allionii Seeds

Wallflower Siberian Cheiranthus Allionii Seeds


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Cheiranthus Allionii

Erysimum Hieraciifolium

Season: Perennial/Biennial
Height: 12 - 18 Inches
Bloom Season: Spring/Summer
Environment: Full Sun/Light Shade
Zones: 3-9
All Regions of North America

Wallflower Siberian Cheiranthus Allionii is a bushy biennial or perennial variety native to the Canary Islands, but has naturalized throughout much of northern North America. Clusters of orange flowers above a canopy of evergreen foliage, make this bushy plant a great addition to any landscape. It is a short and very fragrant species that is striking in a wildflower meadow and makes a good choice for floral arrangements.

Wallflower Siberian Cheiranthus Allionii is one of the most vibrant of orange yellow flowers. The phlox-shaped flowers bloom in spring and summer. In cold climates it may grow as a biennial, and should be planted in full sun. In moderate and warm climates it is a perennial that will enjoy a little shade. This is a beautiful addition to your wildflower meadow.

The plant attracts bees, birds, and butterflies.


Sow Inside: Before last frost
Sow Outside: Spring/Fall
Seed Depth: 1/16 Inch
Days to Emerge: 7 to 21

WALLFLOWER SIBERIAN  Cheiranthus Allionii  Seeds

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