Cucumber Boston Cucumis Sativus Seeds

Cucumber Boston Cucumis Sativus Seeds


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Cucumis Sativus

Cucumber Boston Cucumis Sativus is vigorous vine bears medium green cucumbers with a delicious flavor. This variety is grown by home gardeners for generations. Perfect for making pickles, but also good in salads. Resistant to scab and CMV. Does best in rich, loamy soils. Plant after the weather warms up in hills 4-5 feet apart on all sides. Put 10-12 seeds per hill. Watch closely as they emerge and protect from insects by spraying or dusting with an effective insecticide. Thin plants to 4 per hill. Pick fruits frequently to insure continuous production. Later plantings may be made in June.

Germination: 7 Days

Maturity: 50 Days

CUCUMBER BOSTON Cucumis Sativus Seeds

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